Nurse clinics

Welcome to our nursing clinic selection where we have a clinic for your pet from birth up to their twilight years. Our nurses can see you at both our Newbold and Clowne sites for any of these clubs.

Puppy and kitten club

Owning a new pet can be daunting; this club is designed to allow you to ask as many questions as you like and provide you with as much advice as you require, in particular advice on insurance, diet and behaviour. You can even use this club to discuss what to look for in a pet before you buy.

Adolescent/neutering club

Neutering is a scary thought and requires careful consideration. Allow us to allay your fears and discuss the pros and cons of neutering and what to expect with a general anaesthetic.

During adolescence and after neutering our pets often require a change in diet to maintain their body condition score, let us advise you.

Flea and worming treatments

A health check and discussion on the common parasites found on our pets. Then we will tailor a treatment plan for you and try to help you understand the variety of products that are on the market.

Dental checks

It is vital that we look after our pet’s teeth, as they can’t do it themselves. Early intervention can prevent expensive dental treatment later on in their lives; allow us to check your pet’s teeth and advise on the appropriate preventative care.

Food for thought

Not just for the overweight pets, this club is designed to offer advice on what to feed your pet. We can also provide advice on what the benefits of the diet would be and tailor a feeding plan to maintain your pet’s body condition score.

Prescription club

What do you do when your pet is diagnosed with a condition requiring lifelong treatment? Diseases such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes or chronic renal failure require medication and treatment for the rest of your pet’s life. Allow us to be there for you – to listen or to offer advice. You are not alone in treating your pets; let us be there for you.

Seven up

Pets over seven years are often classed as senior citizens. Allow us to health check and provide preventative screening to maintain your pet’s optimum health through to their twilight years.

Catching diseases early allows for much better treatment plans and improved longevity of your pet.

Rabbit club

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK and are most likely the least cared for properly. Let us advise you on housing, diet and neutering for your pet rabbit. We can health check as well. Every year we also support Rabbit Awareness Week to highlight the care our rabbits need.

Give us a call on 01246 273292 for more information on our nurse clinics or to book your appointment today.